Progress?: New Constructions in Alabang

After office last Tuesday I went straight to Alabang Public Market. Whenever I pass by that area I can’t help but look at the once beautiful Rio Alban (Mangangati). People that shop at Festival Mall are amazed to see turtles, tilapia, dalag and hito in abundance. Surprisingly, these animals still manage to survive in that fast deteriorating river. I’ve witnessed how that area, once a scrubland, lose its natural beauty over the years. Its really sad.

The majestic Laguna de Ba'i sunrise partially blocked by a new building in Alabang

The construction work on the river (Southstation)

The portion of the river next to Southstation is now partially being reclaimed. How can city officials allow such development?

So when you buy land and a river runs through it, you can do whatever you want with it. You can divert the river or dump dirt on it. It does not matter if the area around you gets flooded. You own the land. No one can question you even the government. I’m sure these developers feel pretty good about this.

As I watch this town develop beyond the level normal to an average municipality in the country —  I wonder if losing our natural resources is part of this thing called progress. If it is – in time we would all live to regret it.


2 responses to “Progress?: New Constructions in Alabang

  • De AnDA

    @Bogs – I agree. These constructions around us are very alarming.

    BTW Alabang probably got its name from Rio Alban. The Tagalogs calls it Mangangati while the Spaniards called it Rio Alban. I found an old map in Calamba prominently showing Rio Alban as the main tributary in the area.

  • Bogs

    As I’ve mentioned before, we Filipinos have a distorted sense of progress. An inutile government who cannot police its citizenry and enforce its own laws. In this, country as the song goes, “Everything counts in large amount” is more apparent. Ubos ubos biyaya bukas, makalawa ay wala. Then the finger pointing begins.

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