Mga Antigong Larawan: Hi Nick!

I don’t know if its just me or others share this feeling.

Do we still care about what our grandparents left behind – I mean, do we consider their letters, pictures, books and other personal stuff – treasures or junk?

I’m sure most of us still do care (I’d like to believe this) but whenever I look around antique shops and garage sales I  find something that tells me that some of us stopped caring.

I’m not sure if this is the case for this postcard I recently found.

I was doing my usual Sunday shopping. Looking for things old. Got this for just 10 bucks. Discounted because I overheard the tindera tell her colleague that she’s from Silay. I then butted in and told her, “My Lolo is from Silay”. She knew him, not personally, but because he was a councilor in her district. I took advantage of the connection (kapal!) asking for discounts for a couple of books I picked.

Addressed to the UN Ambassador Nick Valderrama by a man named Luis (?). The message in English speaks of a very special friendship between two people. Honestly, I don’t much about the Ambassador. Perhaps someone out there can help me one day. What I found out was that he was part of our delegation to the UN in the 1950’s. I didn’t know that UN once had offices in the Empire State Bldg., well, thanks to this wonderful postcard, now I do.

1953 was just a few years from the end of WWII(but another major war rages in Korea). Our country was being rebuilt from the ashes. Reading this postcard gives me the impression that things were back to normalcy. Or are we just fun loving? we try to have fun even during the hardest of times.

Hi Nick! After 3 wonderful weeks in Maine - fishing, canoeing & swimming in Maine lakes I've joined Patricia in Hyannis for a week in Cape Cod. We cerainly enjoyed the salty breeze and the busy blue (?) swimming, sailing, speed boat riding. Pat even tried water skiing. Looked like fun but I don't swim that well. I've quite a tan and am so rested now. Surely don't enjoy the thought of returning to NYC this coming Sunday. See you - Luis

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not supposing that the descendants of the good Ambassador threw some of his personal things away. It appears they did but who knows how this letter ended up in that antique store.

Because this one have a name and address, it was easy to find who the owner was but for most pictures and other personal effects that I find having no name (some only have initials on it) and address – I’ll never know who once treasured them.

When I look at anonymous portraits and group pictures, I think about who they were, what were their experiences, stories in life. What was life like 100 years ago? were they happy or were they just smiling for the camera?

Fascinating how time stood still, captured forever in a piece of paper.

I don’t get it why people would so easily discard such wonderful relics of people and time.


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