The Whole Morning

Was spent watching the RH Bill grand debate (the one hosted byGMA 7) on youtube. I ate breakfast in front of my laptop trying to listen to both sides of the argument.

Ok. I saw this on youtube. Its John Lennon talking about population. Enjoy. And Imagine.

Extra, Extra

I was scheduled to visit Japan this year but because of whats going on there my brother, who is now on his last year with the Navy, decided to cancel it. He will be retiring, albeit still young, back to the estayts. He will be joining the rest of the so called fil-am population of that country before the year ends as retiree.

There are three waves of Filipino migration to the US.

The first one was after the Americans took possesion of the Spanish colonies. Declared a “territory”, Filipinos were, believe it or not, considered “nationals”. But migration was very limited. The horrors of the Filipino American  was still very fresh. Ironically, although considered citizen, a Filipino in America “are without rights”. All migrantes were placed in farms and cannery.

Migration picked up in peacetime that at some point 10% of the population of Hawaii is Filipino.

The second wave came during the war. Obviously, the Americans needed personnels in the military. Migration to the US are all driven by the economic need of that country. We started to become “aliens” when we became a commonwealth (meaning all our wealth as resource for them).

The third and is considered the last is their immigration programs that atracted the Filipino professionals after the pacific war on wards. Mostly nurses and medical practitioners.

The call center and BPO industry is yet another “labor migration” wave, the only difference is that workers need not to go there because technology allows them to work remotely. Again, the better alternative because our labor is cheap.

What I find ironic is that we have such a long history with this country but they imposed on us the strictest process if we are to go there. Them going here is hardly a problem. My US citizen reatives would joke, ‘Mas mahirap pa pila ng lotto’. We’ve sided with them in peace and war time, gave them raw materials and talent to build their now crumbling empire then and now.

And the Japanese, the Germans, Italians who gave them all sorts of grief have an easier time going there.

And the Filipino who bled with and for them are treated like unwanted “aliens” literally.

One response to “The Whole Morning

  • Elizabeth Medina

    And the Filipino will support anyone else but his own brothers and sisters. Mainly though, he supports himself. And he worships the ground that strangers walk on, if they’ve got “meal ticket” written on their forehead, in his imagination.

    Ah, Filipinos, that is the price of self-hatred.

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