Sunrise Over Laguna de Bay

Sunrise that look more like a sunset. I love its ember hues, thin dark clouds and goldish tones. Its 5 in the morning here and I'm here seeing this.

Words can never explain the beauty of nature. So I’ll stop here…


5 responses to “Sunrise Over Laguna de Bay

  • filipineses09

    Gorgeous shot! I’ve always been fascinated by the redness of Philippine dawns. Red that turns purple by degrees until it fades from lilac to soft pink. Thanks for this post!

    And if you have time, please read a manifesto I posted in my blog about a looming threat to the sacred grounds of San Nicolas de Tolentino Church, Ilocos Norte. Thanks again for linking your blog to mine!

    • De AnDA

      @Tita Guia – Sadly, almost all of our old churches are under the threat of destruction, deformation or neglect. Some of the lesser known churces are being quietly being discarded as we speak…

  • Levi

    Haven’t received any word from them brotha, haven’t checked my FB lately either. You got details bro?

  • Levi


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