Marcos Will Soon Be Buried. Finally.

According to news reports, Binay had recommended for the remains of former President Marcos to be buried with full military honors. The only compromise, which Bongbong Marcos agrees with, is that the former strongman be buried in his Ilocos hometown.

I think this should settle this matter then.

Lets put him six feet under and move on.

I for one believe that the man should be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani but many still feels that he does not deserve to be buried among the heroes of our past wars.

He could be a tyrant to these people, whom he oppressed during his rule, but there really is a large sector of our society that looks up to the guy.

So, what gives?

The Solon named Escudero who passed the bill (where it got more than 200 congressmen signing) to bury the late dictator in the Libingan argues on the grounds that Marcos was a “soldier, writer, statesman, President, and commander-in-chief.”

There are far more evil men (for those who consider him such) that had been allowed to be buried and accorded with honors in nations where they were born. Not saying that we do the same thing but we should find a solution that would work for both sides.

Binay seem to found it.

We can’t deny those who look up to Marcos as their hero. If we do we go against the principles of what was won in 1986.

So, does Marcos still have followers?

Of course, his son is now in senate and countless relatives are still being elected.

Do a quick poll and ask people what they think of Marcos. Don’t be surprised, you’ll hear praises and hallelujahs.

This kinda gives you an idea how most people still feels about that man.

But many would argue for the victims of Martial Law. Such is the complexity of the issue.

This is why the recommended solution is good.

If Binay keeps on doing what he do, Noynoy better watch out.

He might steal it.



8 responses to “Marcos Will Soon Be Buried. Finally.

  • mylesgarcia

    Just on the item of his falsified war record alone, why should that sham Ferdinand Marcos be buried alongside the true fallen who gave of their lives with blood for their country? Marcos & family took from the Philippines; what did he/they give back? Nothing but more lies and deceit. Let him rot in Ilocos where he belongs!!

    • De AnDA

      I could not understand why the Marcoses does not want to bury him in Ilocos, After all, he’s adored and respected in that province. I don’t have any problem burying him in the Libingan,though.

      • mylesgarcia

        You don’t but many others do because it is an insult to the other legitimate heroes buried there. It is precisely the condoning attitude like that which helped the despicable likes of those thieves flourish for all that time. You have to take a credible stand, one way or another.

        • De AnDA

          Have you been to the Libingan? Just look at some of those buried there—there are traitors and crooks there. And their lapidas are some of the most beautiful I have seen. Do I see Marcos a hero? No. Does he deserves to be buried in the Libingan. Maybe. But there are people who would give you a definitive yes. And, my goodness, we’re wasting electricity preserving his body! 🙂

          • mylesgarcia

            Then precisely, it’s time to put a stop to allowing phony riff-raff like Marcos to lie in state in that supposed hallowed ground. You’ve heard that families of other heroes buried there would take their loved ones out of LngB if the Ilocano thief and murderer joined them. I think that alone speaks volumes. As for electricity, well, let the Ilocanos and his wretched kin take care of that. Such a trivial thing compared to the honor of those gone by.

  • Pepe

    Like I always say: in Philippine History, our true heroes are pictured as villains, and the true villains get the honors. Sick.

  • Elizabeth Medina

    I’m sorry but:

    1. Marcos killed Nalundasan and his life sentence was forgotten.
    2. He became a fake war hero. The Americans invented him.
    3. The CIA put him in the presidency
    4. He robbed the Philippine people of foreign aid money
    5. He declared martial law after the suspicious bombings of political leaders holding non-violent rallies, the burning of the Manila International Airport, the killing of student demonstrators

    Of course he is still popular. Pinochet was popular until the very end among his friends and the sectors who owed him favors, the sectors whose loyalty he bought.

    This is not a question of popularity. The Philippines, the Filipino people have serious moral distortions. Right and wrong do not exist. Everybody lies and cheats — it’s normal. Our honest journalists are murdered, and many other honest people.

    What kind of a country do we have? The answer is why Bongbong et al are in Congress. Because we have lost our moral sense and our so-called leaders are just the ones who know how to thrive in the swamps.

    All Filipinos who could have made a difference, have preferred to emigrate. The ones who stay behind, have to learn the old game of accommodate. Accommodate if you want to get by, if you want to get rich, be everybody’s friend, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    I am sorry, but the world is about to end, and I am glad, because this thing has become too twisted to continue. This monstrosity is an offense to God and Mother Nature, not to mention to our Inang Bayan, who never stops grieving for her children, robbed of their birthright, their freedom, their development.

    Huwag ilibing si Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    Ibalik ang mga kayamanang ninakaw nila sa Bayan.

    Lola Isabel

    • De AnDA

      @Tia Isabel – The compromise is not for him to end up in the Libingan but in Ilocos. Nothing is yet official but looks like this is the more agreeable option.

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