The Chinese is at the Gates

The Romans so feared that Hannibal will soon invade the seat of their empire that it is said that mothers would scare their hardheaded children with shouts of “Hannibal ante portas!” (Hannibal is at the gates).

Will we end up like the Romans? Who allowed the Carthagian general to wander around and terrorize their territories for so long that the day came  Hannibal came close to destroying their way of life.

The Chinese is not outside the gates, they’re already inside our country. And there’s really nothing we can do but make these useless diplomatic protest.

With an ill equipped military, we are at the mercy of these invaders. But this does not mean that we just quit.

It does not take a geography major to tell you that Spratly’s is Philippine. Just look at actual satellite photos – there’s absolutely no doubt that these group of islands belongs to us.

The Chinese, building those structures and flying their planes near that disputed area are nothing more than intimidation tactics. This country has gone arrogant. They’re bullying us into submission.

Its heartbreaking to know that we as a nation could do very little defending it militarily. The worst part, now we to run to America like we used to. I read recently that we are shopping for cheap discounted military hardware in the US.

The other dilemma our leaders have…

They receive economic aid and, believe it or not, military assistance from the Chinese.

Do we continue extending our political, economic and diplomatic support to this nation?

Are our leaders fearful of losing this Chinese tie?

Could you imagine their fighter jets buzzing our Air Force in our own airspace!

Our fishermen are being chased away by Chinese warships at what used to be their traditional fishing grounds.

What’s going on here!

You look back at Spratly’s history and you’ll see that the only guy who got the balls to state Spratly’s Philippine (calling it Kalayaan Group of Islands) through an official declaration is Marcos. He stated:

“By virtue of their proximity and as part of the continental margin of the Philippine archipelago…they do not legally belong to any state or nation, but by reason of history; indispensable need, and effective occupation and control established in accordance with international law”

The dictator militarized six islands beginning in the 70’s. If it were not for this, we would have lost all of them to the Chinese.

It’s high time we put our foot down. Lets look into their economic and other interest here – send them a clear message that we take our sovereignty very seriously. That the sovereignty of this country is not for sale and is non negotiable.

They say that those are unwilling to fight for freedom are bound to lose it.

And this is true.

History is pregnant with examples of nations losing their freedom because they were too afraid to stand up for it.


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