Tito Mina Anyone?

Whatever happened to Tito Mina?

I was in the conference room together with some of my analysts and while working on some of the pending tickets that needs our attention I popped the question out of the blue.

Do you guys know who Tito Mina is?

Tito what?

So I gave them a list of songs from the guy, “Got to let you know”, “Honey”, “Ikaw pa rin”.

And still they told me that they have not heard of him.

So, I played “Ikaw pa rin” (probably his most popular song) and one guy, finally said, “ah ok, siya ba ‘yun”.

Wasn’t born during his era, believe it or not, I wasn’t there when Tito Mina was mesmerizing locals and foreigners (he married a European beauty queen). But I remember growing up hearing his music.

My father loves his songs. And he bought for his family, a cassette tape of his “the very best” songs. He got the tape with a fancy looking plastic casing, guess where?  Saudi!

I was googling Tito Mina and could not find a site or even a wikipedia dedicated to him. I’ve always thought of him as one of our best musicians. One of our all time best acoustic song writer-performer.

He left the country with his European wife. Whatever his reasons were, he made the big decision to leave and take his music somewhere else.

Probably played for the lonely Filipino communities  in those cold Euro nations.

Everybody serves in their own little way.

I’m sure somewhere he’s still playing those soothing songs.

Still love his music!

Post Script

I found this uploaded on Youtube. “Ikaw Pa Rin” is definitely one of his best songs. All time OPM classic my friends.


(31 January 2013)

23 responses to “Tito Mina Anyone?

  • fsarsfield

    When I was around 8 years old, I sang a song composed by Tito Mina and my dad, J T Sarsfield, called Within Your Heart. We performed, along with my brother and sister and another little girl, on RTL one Saturday morning. Tito didn’t give my dad any credit for being the co-writer, which was a disappointment. It was lots of fun.

  • Jerrick

    Hi there. I found this thread while trying to search how to get a copy of a video from GMA 7. My dad performed in Student Canteen sometime in late 70s or early 80s, not sure of the date as I was very young then. My dad & Tito Mina were bandmates back in their college days – the Sampera Band. Tito is on drums while my dad is the lead vocals and lead guitars. Anyone here from Baguio, particularly those from Saint Louis University knows them pretty sure during the hippie days. Their music ranges from Santana, Beetles, to Deep Purple. I do know he’s in Germany, that’s all. When my dad was still alive, he sometimes see their other members in Baguio except Tito since he’s on the other side of the planet.

    Well, we all wonder where have all the good old musicians gone. I still have to accomplish my mission to secure my dad’s band perform in Student Canteen as mentioned above. It’s a memory of my dad’s love of music. I hope someone from this thread can shed a light. It was nice to read your thoughts on Tito.

  • M Garcia

    How’s Tito Mina? Love all his songs. Hope he’s ok.

  • Chip

    Not sure why, but woke up this morning thinking about Tito Mina and am happy to find this thread. I used to see/hear Tito singing in a popular wine bar in London in 1979 when I was there as there as a student. All I could see was that he was a very good singer and guitar player and super charismatic in a shy sort of way. I saw him several times and even remember in English guy using a “pickup line” on my girlfriend saying “hey if you want, I can introduce you to the singer”…Someone said he was Filipino. I didn’t really know what that meant. I thought he was from some small Polynesian Island in the pacific. Little did I know that when I went back to the States finished college and joined the Peace Corps I would be assigned to the Northern Cordillera and live in deep in those mountains for three years. In 1983 I saw that Tito was playing at the Hobbit House in Ermita, Manila and went to see him. It was a full house and he was put on a great show. We wound up speaking at the bar, talking about the London days and he got a kick out of our conversation in Ilocano. He introduced me to Freddie Aguilar and left. I remembering being disappointed I was left just having to talk to Freddie Aguilar! Very funny. I am really pleased to hear that Tito has followed is passions and made the most of his great talents….

  • Anonymous

    nasa youtube ang 2 videos niya kung san ay nag guest siya sa The Sharon Cuneta Show

  • Elmer Yoro

    ‘waz in grade 5 (philippine had that 45 million population then…u could see Toyopet taxis cruising around then) when i heard “Ikaw pa rin” (originaly a samba song/melody and Tito put-in tagalog lyrics….yap he married a German lady and went to Europe. waz in 3rd high school when Tito returned to the Philippines in 81’ with songs Honey/Got to Let u Know floating the airwaves……how old am now?..do the math pls…

  • Guy

    My wife Tess and I saw Tito Mina in 2 concerts back in Luxembourg, Europe around 20 years ago and he signed us one of his CD’s which I we treasure as Tito is not only a great composer and musician but also a great person. He is married to Viviane, a former Miss Luxembourg, and they live happily in one of the smallest, but most terrific countries in the world where Tito performs on a regular basis. We do now live Down Under and hope to see Tito perform sometime again over here as it brings back memories for those people around 50. Ciao Guy

  • Bill Catbagan

    I’m from Baguio City where Tito Mina started as a folk singer me my girlfriend hang-out at ginger bread bar or a folk house.we always compare him with Jim croce.Because he sang most of his songs.I still listen his music because it bring back good memories.

  • Unknown

    I am not sure about this but I am doing a research about a different person and his name came up. I think he is the husband of a certain Gina and that they have several kids and he left them for some reason. This Gina I know but not too personally but I know she is a single mom who took care of her kids and she is also an animal lover (20+ dogs). He has a facebook account but very limited info there but I am sure that is him!

  • Anonymous

    @De AnDa, i was watching TV (was it Ariel con Tina or Student Canteen? – For those of you who do not know these shows, it gives you an idea of my age) when Tito Mina was first introduced to filipino fans. He performed “Honey” with his guitar. It was a different kind of music. As i recall, he first made it in Germany as a musician, then came back to the Philippines and made some waves here. during the 90s, he disappeared from the limelight, until i learned he was doing some stage acting/music at the cultural center of the philippines. did not get the chance to see him perform there, though. his last tv appearance was to promote a stage play(forgot the title) in a noontime show. that was the last i saw of him. glad to know he is doing well in euro. he makes great music – soothing to the nerves.

  • voyageR-3

    I believe his “Got to Let You Know” is world class.

    Here’s a feature about him:


  • Bob

    I ran into this thread when (Feb 2013) I was looking how to return Tito’s call of a few days ago. And the thread seems current, ie last comments only a week ago?

    So i thought I might give you guys a bit of a lift? Tito is (Feb 2013) thriving, living in Luxembourg and Spain, with his lovely wife Viviane. I must point out to him that he still has fans who care and wonder. Me, too. He’s great.

  • jake

    i have idea if tito mina is member the rainmaker a filipino band ,popularized the song binibini

  • Ghie

    I heard his song honey playing on the local radio station, i thought it was an american singer but when i googled it, i was so surprise that it was filipino. I am so inlove with the song that i want to hear it over and over, people with my age probably doesnt appreciate his song but if some great acoustic artist would remake this honey song, he will remember again. Hope aiza remake the song honey, it’ll make us fall in love over and over again. 🙂

  • acidjazz

    He sounds very jazzy. I love his voice. Ala Sergio Mendez. Nakasama pa sya ng brother ko sa 4th metro pop!

  • sabrina

    His voice is very unique…enchanting..kahit sinong makarinig mahuhumaling. No one can replace this guy. Hes one of the best!

  • Jay Maramag

    i have read some posts telling he was dead 😐

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