Happy Independence Day

Just before I left the office today I started greeting people “Happy Independence Day”.

“How do you react to that?,” someone said, not sure whether to greet back.

Surprising was this young fella who answered back, “when is Independence man?”

Though I find it funny(these people are good friends), it was hard for me to laugh. What kind of people forget such commemoration?

The way this country educate its people about their past has been largely based on selected events that had occurred in the past. What’s left out are lessons of appreciation for culture and tradition.

Everything must start with good foundations. History lessons are no different. A person must first understand his cultural identity, his people’s traditions, customs and values. Only then will a person understand what their ancestor fought hard to secure.

I could not help but be sad everytime I encounter people unaware of their history or its significance to their lives. I feel that aside from the lack of good historical education, there’s just too many material distractions these days.

Insular Life as we all know is a company that  champions heritage conservation.

I remember how, as young boy, I marveled at the relief of Filipino scenes at their Makati building in Paseo.

Last year, the new Insular headquarters in Alabang received its well deserve historical marker.

I missed the Independence Day program last Friday. Sayang. There are not a lot of company out there that do what Insular is doing.

Insular possess a sizable Filipiniana art collection. They display Amorsolo’s painting of the women working on the first Philippine flag a week prior to June 12. Later, the head security told me that the one exhibited in the lobby is a replica of the original.

The Amorsolo and all the priceless paintings of Insular is stored somewhere in the building. I hope they’ll plan an exhibit soon so people can appreciate their collection.


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