Biking Around Bilibid

I normally bike around this part of my town. Places where you can experience some fresh air and wide open spaces are becoming rare nowadays. This quite place has been in the news lately because apparently convicted rich murderers can go outside the prison premises as they please. Well, if you have money in this country everything seem to be possible.

Biking around Katarungan and just outside the Bilibid Prison complex is safe. Those who have never been in Muntinlupa doesn’t understand that the whole area is not a prison. I can remember some college friends that has been living in the area for all their life. What’s nice about the area is that its not (yet) congested. Living out convicts are not new in Bilibid, I guess how they abuse the arrangemnt is not new also.

The privileged given to these so called VIP’s makes obvious the injustice of our prison system. While the rest are cramped inside their pitiable prisons cells, the high profile convicted fellons have houses outside Bilibid. As if these mockery of our justice is not enough, they go out of the prison complex in their SUV’s. Who knows what have they been doing once their outside, rape, kill. How stupid our Goverment has become.

The ex-governor caught dining in Manila had a small wooden rest house built on the side Jamboree lake – ah, now that’s the life.

Well, I really can’t blame these rich convicts for wanting to go out of their dirty prison cells because just outside the prison wall are quite, relaxing natural scenes. The jamboree lake which is considered by many the smallest lake in the country gives out a fresh, natural and provincial impression of what was once the hills of Muntinglupa.

This part of Muntinglupa, the prison and Katarungan were once cogon infested – living in this once rough terrain was reserved for the hardy Muntinlupeno farmers. The prisoners (from Bilibid Viejo of Manila) were the one’s who cleared the area while Americans contractors blasted solid adobe rocks so they can have their roads created. The fiercest battles during WWII in Muntinglupa were fought in these hills.

I use to know prison guards here, nice people, they told me that a convicted child molester congressman even had a sari-sari store built so he can watch small girls buying from the store. Its just sick what these people are doing.

Why are the prison heads allowing all of these? “Pera, pera lang labanan d’yan Sir“, my jailor friend smilingly told me.

A vintage WWII gunner near Jamboree

Lake scenes (taken summer, March 2011):


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