Philippine Airforce Museum

The situation in Spratly’s has highlighted the issue of modernizing our military. Our Air Force and Navy are areas that needs to be improved.

We don;t lack capable body and minds. We have some of the bravest and best military service personnel in the world but they cannot fight a war with out modern arms and equipments.

The Philippine Air Force Museum, located in Villamor Air Base’s gate 4 is a good initiative to introduce the proud history of this great military organization to young Filipinos. Never mind the greedy, corrupt military generals of AFP – they don;t represent the storied tradition of the air force.

There’s much that can be improved inside the museum but with the small amount of the AFP funds appropriated to PAF, the organization deserve praise for their effort. I visited Singapore’s air force museum last year and I was blown away by their displays and presentation. PAF’s museum, although an upstart compared to that of Singapore, can have the same impact. I just hope it won’t get neglected. The goal aside from showing the proud history of this military branch is to remind people of the importance the air force plays in nation building.

I don’t know what happened to the so called modernization because the organization’s capability to protec our skies is still in question. And there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for hopes of upgrading hardware. We desperately need to provide our able pilots with the equipments they deserve.

I read in the news about the almost confrontation in the disputed islands where the Filipino bronco pilots  was buzzed by Chinese MIG-29 Fulcrums The Filipinos had stated their willingness to confront the Chinese but was recalled. Of course, they don’t stand a chance but their actions only goes to show the bravery of our men in uniform.

History has shown us how men like Villamor, the first Filipino who fighter pilot in WWII was already fighting in the air while most of our Asian neighbors were watching in the sidelines. The modernization of our local air combat unit would have not been possible without the pacific wars and the American’s need for personnel. We have gone down since. Now, more than ever we need to ask ourselves how long we can afford not to modernize our air force.

The Air Force Museum in Villamor Air Base's Gate 4

A brief history of PAF

Shark of Zambales

At the back of the museum is where you can find some vintage passenger planes

Examples of old jet fighters nose and cockpit

The Commander in Chief's salute vehicle. From Quezon to Marcos, this vehicle was officially utilized during ceremonies. This is my favorite item on display in PAF's museum.

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