More Rizal

Media’s going loco over Rizal’s 150th birthday. The last time we had something similar to this was during the centennial.

I think this is good. Rizal is Rizal. Who doesn’t recognize the name. It’s everywhere. His life message is what we need to bring closer to our young people.

I’ll never forget reading Leon Ma. Guerrero’s “The First Filipino”,arguably the best bio on the hero. He captured the time, place, emotion – everything about Pepe Rizal. His work changed how I look at Rizal -he was extraordinary not because of how he died but how he lived.

The book was a gift from a friend (who’s now back in his native Cotabato I believe) His uncle is Mr. Badoy of NHI.

Guerrero’s bio is like Soledad Locsin’s English translation of Rizal’s novel. They did justice by writing without covering up the true Rizal. No one will ever write as good as these men and women when it comes to Rizal because they grew up in the hispano filipino culture and tradition before it was lost.

I wish that other heros, yes, those perilously close to being forgotten can one day get the same attention Rizal is getting. Rizal is awesome but it wouldn’t hurt if we can celebrate with the same enthusiasm the other important dates in the lives of the our lesser known heroes.


2 responses to “More Rizal

  • juanlu68

    sabes qué Arnaldo ?
    La Hispanidad es una parte muy grande (333 años) de la creación, fundación y personalidad de Filipinas, pero está en un GRAVE peligro de extinción total. Vuestros esfuerzos son muy loables, pero sin apoyo institucional se podrá hacer muy poco.

    ahí va un pensamiento para la comunidad Hispano Filipina:

    Why don´t you make a petition to get signatures from Filipino society in order to preserve that Spanish Filipino language, accent, historiography, documents, etc ?

    Spanish Filipino language is about to die, but I think it could be declared “inmaterial world heritage” … Try to obtain signatures so that the government makes the formal petition to UNESCO…

    • De AnDA

      @JLG – la identidad hispana filipina nunca se pierde. es profundamente arraigados en nuestra cultura y historia …mucha gente ya está empezando a abrir los ojos. las señales están por todas partes, solo debes estar atento a ellas. the spanish language is making a slow but steady comeback and more and more people are now trying to understand how our ancestors during that period lived.

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