Off to the Next Stop

While I was about to board my plane I saw these hueys escorting what looks like the presidential chopper. I was thinking that Noynoy probably decided to take a break amidst all the controversies regarding his leadership during the floods that ravaged the southern provinces. Turns out that he was there inaugurating the extension of Caticlan airport’s runway.

The weather was already fine down south the past couple of days but back in Manila I heard that rains are still causing trouble. I think the guy originally intended to take a quick swim in Boracay but cut his trip short because of the flood situation this time in Manila. It must be tough being the president.

Nice looking choppers. Those Huey’s are tough machines. These helicopters had flown hundreds of mission during the Vietnam war.But it was not originally built for deploying combatants in the fields but rather as a medical evac aircraft. But the American war in that part of SE Asia changed her history forever. There was around 7000 huey produced and deployed in Vietnam. We received a lot of them after the Americans were defeated by the Viets.

The presidential chopper is either a Bell 412 or 212. Its too far for me to tell. Both models are available and are part of what is called “Code One”. The division of the helicopter support dedicated for the president is called the 252nd Presidential Helicopter Squadron.

We experienced heavy turbulence on our way back due to the weather. But like what people who know some things about planes will tell you, “turbulence has never brought down a plane”, but still heavy turbulence drives me to paranoia. The flight also took longer (+1 hr) as there was congestion in Manila airport.

Ok, enough of my geekery.

I’ll be posting pics later this week of my visit to Boracay.

June 2011


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