Mga Antigong Larawan: New Batch of Scanned Pix

One of my favorite picture of GGR. Teaching, whether it Flamenco or Spanish or Filipino historiography, has been his life long advocacy.

Two months ago, a friend of mine, Sr. Gomez, gave me more than 200 pictures to scan. I volunteered to do it because converting old photos to digital format  is something that I enjoy doing – it’s one way of saving them for the future.

I usually scavenge antique shops for old photos. When I visit old houses, I usually ask for family albums – since I can’t take them back home with  me I would just take snapshots using my digicam.

Once these old photos are lost, their lost forever. So we have to try saving copies while we can – and since we have the technology, we can start with Lolo and Lola’s photos that often neglected.

Every pictures tells a story. They capture a time lost in the transition of Filipino tradition, values, faith and lifestyle.

I wanted to show more of GGR’s photos but knowing him (his a very personal person) I would have to keep most of what I have now.

Get together. Notice the bottle of Cokes and weird looking soda "Royal Tru Orange" bottle.

I don't know who are these children. I wonder why they look worried (with the exemption of the tallest girl at the back who managed to smile). If it were not for the jeepn in the background you would wouldn't be able to tell its here.


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