The Bicycle City

I haven’t seen the final film (currently in post production) but this documentary is about bicycles and a city (Rivas) it help transformed.

After the terrible war in Nicaragua people struggled to recover. Building their lives back up from scratch became a battle that they have to win. It was difficult because as always the case, there’s just nothing left of the country’s economy.

There was no working mode of public transport. People felt stuck.  Then, came a generous group of Americans who started acquiring donated bikes. They would then shipped them to the nicaraguan city.

The town started moving. Everyone became mobile. It was such a great idea. Now, kids go to school with their bikes, vendors go around town with their improvised three wheeled bikes (sidecar kung tawagin sa atin).

While their country is still among the poorest in the region. The people feels good. Their healthy and happy. That’s what matters anyway.

And hey, they’re doing it without polluting the air.

Watch trailer here.


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