Mga Antigong Larawan: Pics from forgotten books

Lots of old books are still going around. And when I say old, I mean really old, like century old.

While many has already forgot about the value these treasures are worth,  there are still some who tries to hang on to them. It’s a tall task but I believe that we have the technology to preserve at least the content.

Conserving the physical book is very difficult for private individuals. Even the National Library is finding it hard to battle the advancing deterioration of some the oldest book in their collection.

The last time I was in Lopez Museum I found dozen of student volunteers scanning old books, maps and magazine. This ensures that the books would be safe in digital form.

The National Archives and the National Museum must look into this as well. Thousands of documents in the National Archives are still waiting to be studied. There’s just too much at stake if we are to allow them to rot without being explored. It must exist in digital form so even when the document is lost we still have a photograph copy that we can consult in the future.

Below are some interesting picture I got lately.

This made the cover of the book “More Hispanic Than We Admit”. One of my favorite Filipino portraits of the 19th century.

19th century Sari-sari store. You go to the provinces and you’ll see some stores still looking exactly like this one.

A photo of a bartending woman. Americans drinking in roadside stalls.

Cigar factories before employed mostly women. They’re the original “professional women”.

A “commercial” estero

A great looking bridge and a panciteria in Binondo

Chinese shoemakers with a Cross on their toolbox to show their customers that they are Christian converts.

A Portrait of a Manilena


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