This Morning around New Bilibid

I was biking around Bilibid this morning. Since it has been raining these past few days, I took advantage of the little sunlight we got.It did not last long. I have to pedal back home around 1o am.

I’m not sure if Jamboree lake is the smallest lake in the country but locals proudly claims that it is. Is it even a lake? If it is, I think it deserves to be promoted a tourist spot where people can picnic and stroll around. It can give the city a different look and feel.

There are also some WWII relics around the area. The site is where some of the fiercest battle in Muntinglupa area took place. Not far from the lake is a hill where sentenciado Japanese were all executed. The Japanese government had built a beautiful memorial there.

Imagine how nice it would be to have bike and running lanes around the lake.

Jamboree Lake - There’s not a lot of nature to see around Muntinlupa. Something it shares with most of its neighbors. Breathing places are fast diminishing. But here in Muntinlupa, there are still spots where people can commune with nature and enjoy some fresh air. Even in summer water here never dry up.

Fishermen in the smallest lake in the country. They’re using fishing nets while there are men that were using airguns with improvised small spears attached to line.


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