Philippine Dragon Boat Team Wins Again

I saw a TV feature about these men and women winning without government support and little commercial funding. Amazingly, even under these conditions, win world championships!

Its sad that our criteria before we support our sportsmen is that first they must make a name on their own. They must have mass appeal before assistance trickles down.

Our sports agencies has been doing a bad job for a long time. If it were not for private companies and individuals we wouldn’t have successful sports programs.

Well, that’s our government for you. They’re only good for photo ops to show off. They’ll only come in when athletes had already succeeded. Just like those cops in Filipino movies, arriving after the bida had already finish off the contrabidas.

I was touched by the dedication of these men and women. There are times when they have to dive deep in the murky waters of the Manila Bay to gather “tahong” so that they can feed themselves. The women, on the other hand, sometimes sell empty water bottles for little money so they can buy drinks and vitamins.

They’re not getting big money (not yet) for their efforts and achievements but  still they continue their hard work.

Not only are Dragon Boat men sacrificing so much so they can bring honor rowing for their country – almost all of them are active Armed Forces personnel!

Today, against all the odds and despite lack of public and government support, they’ve proved again that they’re the best in the world!

Mabuhay Kayo! Mabuhay ang Filipino!


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