What’s up with that ‘Poleteismo’ artist & CCP

I could understand the reaction of some senators regarding the disrespectful, tasteless CCP exhibit that repelled many of those that saw it. Those blasphemous displays were only made to appear as work of art but its true message was hate and vitriol against the Catholics.

Such works promote religious hate and intolerance. Those images are nothing but products of a sick and demented mind. I’m no art aficionado but I can tell that’s not a work of art, that’s garbage.

If that’s art, then our office pantry is a masterpiece!

There are those people that believes art must criticize and comment on life, religion and politics. And I agree. Art can be a powerful tool for improving society by calling attention to key issues so we in turn could address them. But that so called “art” from that UST nut doesn’t deserve to be there. His work disrespected, not only the religion, but the people that practice it.

That’s not artistic freedom. That’s simply artistic arrogance.

This sick artist and those who have his back, have no right to ask the general public to pay, with their tax money, for such gross display of disrespect towards someone else religious belief. Why fund this “cultural” institution if it will only allow such activities that would fragment society on religious lines?

Just because you have the “freedom” to be an ignorant and boastful idiot does not mean that is how you should act. Not because you can drive using your feet makes it a good idea. You have to consider other people’s rights.

This artist and people like him knows that they can get away with their offensive behavior. I’m sure they won’t be as “artistic” with their “art” if they’ll be making other religion as their “subject”.

Well, these days its popular to lambast and vilify the Catholic church. If our leaders fail to correct this, there will be more that will join this bandwagon of “pambabastos”. Today, it’s the Catholics – who’s next? Because there’s nothing more that can make these people gay [by that I mean hapi] than having their so called art out and into the public’s attention!

On a lighter note, last Sunday while I was in a clinic in Singapore I saw a painting by a Filipino artist hanging on the lobby. It appears to represent the colorful maskara festival.

There were several piece around but that painting was the center piece. I should’ve taken a photo. If I did I would have the name of that guy now.

Small labors of art that is a source of pride. If only all of them could be like this unknown painter!


17 responses to “What’s up with that ‘Poleteismo’ artist & CCP

  • Anonymous

    To me it all looks very scary — “tétrico” in Spanish. Also like a much darker copy of Santiago Bose’s aesthetic. ‘Copy’ a key word.

    I can’t say that I like it. I don’t like the artist’s aesthetic. There doesn’t seem anything beautiful in their inner life.

    To me, art is taking even the ugliest thing, and bringing out its beauty. But I don’t see much art here…, at least, to me it isn’t art. It has something very disturbing about it. Rage? Hatred? I don’t think it has to do with religion, I think it has to do with the artist.

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  • Elizabeth Medina

    On the other hand, “what goes around, comes around”. I am not defending the artist, simply observing. If you look at the situation with humor, a thought might occur to you, for example, that organized religion really has f—d the Philippines, or that it truly has been the sphere of influence of masculine power, or that the poverty of the Filipinos and the denial of a future to the children and youth is much more obscene than a penis on a crucifix…

    • Raffy

      Most possibly the artist might be trying to communicate in that message.

      I prefer that the CCP kept that exhibit open, no matter how offensive it is. These groups who rallied against the exhibit could have made a counter-propaganda or boycott if you look back at it, instead of a violent reaction that closed down the exhibit. Now this received more fuss than I think it deserves, revealing the biases of the journalists and the pettiness of many of our people.

      • De AnDA

        @raffy- and what kind of message was he trying to get out? they closed down the show because of the public uproar and outcry against that insensitive and disgusting display of intolerance and contempt against the Catholics. There are no threats made to their lives – they just made it up. There’s no issue in their works getting “more fuss” from the public, we are paying for CCP to host these shows anyway.

        • Raffy

          In which way is intolerance shown?
          I only see contempt, which is there with that phallus, and I admit that I find the way they sculpted the phallus in the crucifix a bit offensive.
          However, in reality, I believe that is an impossibility since crucifixion is a really painful kind of death, and no one in their right mind will have a phallus in that form if the body and soul is in that kind of torment.
          It is exactly knowing this detail which has made the sculpture less offending.

          We have to look at the side of both the artist’s message and Catholicism before condemning the artist.

          And as for the threats, I don’t really know about that.

          I even read in a few newspapers that there have been more offensive exhibits than this.

          • De AnDA

            @raffy – I’m not “a bit” offended, I am offended. No free society, under any circumstances, should tolerate any denigration of religious faith. If we are to accept this as “artistry” then we have to prepare ourselves with more religious discrimination. Is that what these stuff, pass on as “art”, promote? But I’m assured, at least [because these persons are cowards] that they would leave other religions alone. They’re after the Catholics because that’s bigger and that’s where the attention is. I’m not worried about the future of these sensationalist entertainers. They’ll be handsomely rewarded for their “art”. Just look at that Celdran guy.

            • Raffy

              We let them live life, letting them discover for themselves what is right and wrong. This is the reason for tolerance.

              As I saw the photos of the works, I saw the concept of icons, which has something to do with the concept punning the word “idol worship.” According to the Jewish and Muslim concept, those who worship an image is committing idolatry. However, according to the Catholic concept, we pray to certain images (the Holy Family and the saints) since through them we pray to God. This concept was understandable, and this is the concept we had in our old animist belief. That concept was present with the Spaniards and many Americans.

              However, when I saw the condoms and the phallus, I found these gratuitous. The artist says it is male oppression through organized religion, but I don’t know if the artist can find other ways to show that aside from what he exhibited.

              Time will tell. Have a great weekend.

  • Pepe

    I wish I were a painter. Then I’d paint a picture of Carlos Celdrán, but his nose will be that of a monkey’s prick. Now let’s see how these “freedom fighters” will feel about their idol being lambasted through art.

    • De AnDA

      @Pepe – That would be extreme but they’re extremist, extremist in the sense of irrationality.

      @Tita Isabel – Everyone can believe what they want to believe, my only beef is how these all knowing, smart, intelligent men disrespected the religion.

      • Elizabeth Medina

        My dear, It may be that you are a deeply religious person who loved the Catholic Church, but the reality is that not all people are like you or feel as you do, and artists are particularly prone to sticking their dirty fingers where it will most outrage society.

        Faith is a matter between each soul and God and that sacred space cannot be profaned by any art. We must see art as the expression of the artist’s inner world. If we start to persecute because of religious reasons, we are back in the spirit of the Inquisition.

        I draw the line at overt pornography, i.e. child pornography, rape. But I really cannot see this exhibit as anything but an artist “acting out”. I have no problem with penises or crosses intersecting. The penis is a part of the human body. If the art exhibit were glorifying rape, I would express oprobrium. But today the Catholic Church is in full collapse. Whoever does not wish to see that, well, it is their freedom not to see. But artists, again, break taboos, and all of us are artists or can be in this sense. It is liberating to destroy icons — be an iconoclast. What is sacred? Life is sacred. For this reason, poverty and violence are much more horrendous than this exhibit. And is anything done about poverty and violence in the Philippines?

        Precious little.

        Tía Isabel

        • De AnDA

          I’m far from being religious. Believe me 😀 I’m just not a believer that these kind of “artistry” is far beyond what mere mortals could describe. So if certain groups find it offensive. Sorry na lang dahil hindi niyo maintindihan, artista kami eh. Such snobbish arrogance I thought was reserved for corrupt elitista in Filipino society.

  • Traveler on Foot

    I have not seen the installation. I avoid seeing it kasi alam ko masasaktan ako. I respected the artists freedom of expression. But you are right it is not artistic freedom, its artistic arrogance. Binastos ni Cruz ang Catholico at ang Sinig.

    • De AnDA

      @TOF – I’m against any form of artistic suppression. What that person did is an expression alright, but an expression of hate and contempt against a religion.There was no censorship. What happened was that the people behind this exhibit realized that they crossed the line that the reason why they pulled out.

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