Bicycle Wonderland

Its common to see people hopping from one place to another in bikes here. Singaporeans are very practical people. People buy their groceries, exercise and like me. just wander around in bikes.

There's probably more than a hundred bikes here.

No matter how advance their communities has become, most of them are still very conscious of their environment and their well being.

In the Pasir Ris area, there are a good number of people riding their bicycles as a form of transportation. In fact, I noticed that in their MRT station there are hundreds of parked bikes waiting for their owners to come back from work. Interesting to see that some are not even padlocked.

Another attraction in the area is the Pasir Park. This park located in the north east area includes a 6 hectare mangrove forest, bird watching facilities, long cycling tracks, camping sites and a gallop stable. The air is fresh and healthy around these parts. Its right beside the sea so its a perfect relaxing haven.

The whole park is about 60 hectares – a vast nature reserve considering that the state island is among the smallest nation in the world. Its fascinating  that they still have a place allotted for nature. Such places serves as environmental lungs for the neighboring towns. Another good thing is that these recreational places [like the Botanic Garden] are all free.So you can come and go as you please.

Here’s dreaming that we can replicate this back home…

A bike with a grocery basket and an "angkasan" for two children. I love it!

Reaching Changi beach. No,I'm not pissing by the way, just enjoying the view.

The travelers and their rented bikes... resting.


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