Quezon’s House Being Sold By Heirs

The city government of Quezon City is planning to acquire the house of President Quezon after reports has surfaced that the founding father’s house was placed in the property market by its heirs.

If descendants of heroes no longer value history and memory can we expect the common Filipino to appreciate it more?

The daughter of Quezon, who was once the resident of the house, no longer lives there. She’s in her 80’s and is now staying with family members in Ayala Alabang according to reports.

I’m not sure if its the children of this Lady that are now poised to disposed the heritage house. If this is the direction they wanted to take, I hope, at least, they do the country a favor by approaching the city government first. QC’s local government is willing to buy the house. Its prime property so it would cost them hundreds of millions.

Quezon’s grandson was quoted saying, “no comment… family affairs”. Well, That’s how they see it. Technically, they are right to sell the house of their Grandpa. The only thing we could do is appeal to their historical appreciation and insight. After all, that’s their heritage too.

How much does heritage conservation cost?

I don’t know but I guess that’s a question best answered by these families putting their ancestors houses and properties up for sale.


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