Self Portait of an Unproductive Man

El autorretrato. Ink on a scratch pad I took from Singapore's Airport.

There are just so many things going on at work these past few days that I decided to sketch myself. I like drawing stuffs and throwing them away. Looking back, I should’ve kept those drawings. If I did, I would now have a voluminous portfolio to present to prospective employers [if its any good!]. I’ve been thinking of quitting work lately and shifting to a more creative employment [if a guy like mideo crus can get his art exhibited, why not me?].

I’m looking for the kind of work that doesn’t involve dealing with excessive stupidity and annoying co-workers. Man, a decade of being a corporate slave is taking its toll on me. I’ve lost a lot of hair and I’m getting fat. But I still enjoy interacting with clients and working around individuals. Most of whom are kind, supportive and wonderful people.

Well, Rolling Stones said it best, “you can’t always get what you want!”.


3 responses to “Self Portait of an Unproductive Man

  • Bogs

    Hmmm……..just a thought, why not write a book. You can draw (I’ve been envious of people who can draw and paint and solve complex mathematical problems), you write quite well and I believe present your views in a well balance manner. Seems like the making of a good book author.

    • De AnDA

      I was just kiddin’ around with this post. Not really keen on getting employed as an artist. Made some commissioned work for friends b4 but for free (i.e., Alas Filipinas banner). Not much of an artist believe me but I like it when people enjoy what I create – so thanks! As for writing, lets just say that it’s a work in progress – and I’m not quite there yet 😀

  • Anonymous

    Very good! You’ve got artistic talent!

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