Noynoy, an Apology is in Order

What’s wrong with apologizing to the survivors and relatives of that terrible Luneta hostage taking?

The so called rescue was bungled and ended up in tragic deaths. So many lives lost. The situation was mishandled from the start. Unfortunately for this president, The responsibility goes up the chain.

Its not usual practice for a leader of an independent state to apologize for its past errors. I know. The Japanese won’t do it, the American’s will never do it and so many powerful nation that once seized land, people and resources in the past will never admit to their empires trespasses.

But we are not these nations. We are better than them. We had been victims before and has long been seeking apologies and closure like the family of these victims.

All these bravado in Malacanang would lead to nowhere.

The Chinese, well, they’ve been bullying us lately over the Spratlys. Shame on them. But that’s the government and not the people. Lets leave these things out and be Christians enough to admit our shortcomings.

No one wanted that to happen. But it happened because of how it was handled.

The world saw what happened in Luneta. We can’t hide the facts. Let’s face it. Its time to man up and apologize.

What about suicide bombers killing people in other parts of the world? do the governments have to apologize for each and every foreign nationals that gets killed? Well, first, the Luneta hostage taker was an ex-cop, a former gov’t employee, second, he did that because he believe that his case was mishandled by the government and third, well, we all saw how it ended.

The government created this monster and failed to take him out when he became a crazy murderer.

Now, I heard that they’re asking for compensation. We better look into that as well. But that’s money. So that would be tougher to provide [the coffers had been badly looted in the past] but hey, if we apologize they might not ask for it anymore.

I hope.


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