Stolen Shot

I was walking around SM Muntinlupa this afternoon after leaving my bag to be repaired when a young man  approached me and gave me a magazine. I didn’t know SM have one but as I expected, it was about what you can spend your money on.

I was about to throw the magazine away when I saw a feature on tourist spots around the country. I said to myself, well, that’s nice at least people can learn something about Filipino history. There’s a picture of the Aguinaldo mansion in Kawit and a brief history of the iconic house.

Then, there’s a feature about Muntinlupa with the title “Welcome to the Emerald City”. It was great finally seeing an article about the other attractions of Muntinlupa (besides the infamous prison) Then I saw this picture of “Jamboree Lake” that caught my attention. The picture looks familiar so once I got back home, I reviewed the photos I have under Muntinglupa and made an interesting discovery.

I was the one that took that picture!

The photo encircled in red (click to enlarge)

The original post where this picture first appeared can be found here (click here). They cropped the picture possibly to make it look different. This picture of Jamboree lake was taken just a few months ago.

This is not the first time that something like this happened. I remember seeing a picture from this site in Lourd de Veyra’s report (ABC 5) about Jose Rizal. My image was intentionally blurred but I remember that photo of Ambeth Ocampo and me (taken in 2008) in Ayala. It was taken during one of his seminars, ironically, about  photographs.

Going back to that magazine. I believe that printing a person’s photo or any artistic work without permission is just wrong and unethical. There should have been an acknowledgement at least. It’s unfortunate that very few people have the decency these days to ask first. But then again, this is the internet, there’s very little you can do to control it.

Having a lot of materials here (pictures and articles) I’ve accepted the fact that some people would copy them and I have no trouble with that for as long as it’s used for educational purposes and that they acknowledge the source.

Just give a little credit where it’s due. A simple holla at, or shout out to, or whatever you call it these days.

But you know, I’m cutting these people some slack because at least they used that photo to promote Muntinglupa (you would be hard pressed to find any good write up about the town these days). I’m going to take the good and leave the bad on this one.

Their section promoting history and tourism pretty much makes up for their unauthorized use of my photo.

So… thank you, SM?


7 responses to “Stolen Shot

  • pransis

    It’s a wonder why a simple acknowledgement is quite hard, at least for others. Walang silang oras? I don’t think so.

    I experienced the same case as yours Kuya when I saw a photo I took of a Rizal Monument in Rosario, Batangas posted as part of the exhibit in Rizal Shrine in Calamba. I went back twice to the Shrine to double check if any acknowledgement are posted somewhere but there was none. It’s quite disappointing to a certain extent, especially for those who make the effort to travel to places, take photos, and share them in blogs. Acknowledging your work is something of a prize already. I hope big groups stop robbing that kind of prize from bloggers (and photographers in general).

    • De AnDA

      It’s sad that these people does not have the courtesy our civilized society expects from everybody. But you know, I would not worry about them. If its any consolation, they used my photo (and yours) to promote something good. But, yes, you’re right, its a robbery. And I’m sure these lowlifes knows it.

  • Happy Sole

    hmmm sleazy SM! you should try to contact them about it. let’s see how they would respond. just for the fun of it. 🙂

  • Levi

    SM got history of grabbing pictures for purpose of advertising and marketing brotha, I remember a white guy surprised to see his face used as Santa Claus on one of their giant Christmas tarps put on lamp posts. Not sure what happened there, but I’m sure he got something for staying silent about it. You got to put watermark on pictures you post on your famous weblog pare ko.

    • De AnDA

      They’re a money making machine man. Yeah, I see those foreigners picture in SM mall tarpaulins posing as models. They probably using them to avoid modeling fees. As for the picture, well, they didn;t even gave the site credit. That shows what kind of organization they’re running.

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