That’s Just Crazy

I’ve seen some pretty bizarre things in my three decade long of existence. Pass 2am this morning, a guy apparently fell off the roof of Vivere in Alabang. That’s a 30 floor drop. That’s an unsurvivable situation. I don’t know if it was an accident or something else. The dead man can be seen right out of  the window of my office. It’s heartbreaking — I could just imagine the reaction of that young man’s parents once they find out what just happened to their son.

This is not the first time I’ve seen death. I saw a man die from stab wounds when I was in grade school in Makati. While I was in Cebu (somewhere near Argao) I saw before my own eyes a boy get hit by a van. Poor kid died on the spot. Seeing people die is not something you get used to and given the chance, I would not want to see one again.

To add to this sad incident was that it took almost four hours for the body to be taken either to the morgue or a med facility. Yes, there should be an investigation that must be completed but why does it have to take that long? Why can’t these cops take a thousand pictures, remove the body and follow up with their investigation later? The poor guy was lying on asphalt for hours while useseros take photos of his badly contorted body. Whatever happened to dignity for the dead?

Yes, we live in a f***** up world. How can these cops allow that guy to just lie there for hours. I don’t get it.

That’s just crazy man!


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