Life is a Great Sunrise

beauty that needs no words...

I don’t know if its the thought that I’m a month away from leaving the building (I recently resigned) that gave me a more appreciative eye but you know lately I’ve been seeing a lot of these breathtaking sunrises over Laguna de Ba’i. Truly a wonderful experience.

Over the years,  I developed this habit of looking at the sunrise before leaving the office. Except during stormy days, I always make it a point that I look and take a photo. They’re never the same. The explosion of colors that appears every morning spattered across the sky and hills of Morong is just amazing.

A pure delight.

Stream liners (in the 1800’s) once serviced the towns around the lake. This brought unprecedented growth to the southern Tagalog provinces. People coming as far as Tayabas and Bicol would send their products to Manila using this route. A ferry service will have a great impact on how people move today. But the forces behind the toll ways and oil would not allow any competition. That’s how they do it, they provide you with no other option but to go their way. If government is not owned by these special interest group it would push for viable alternatives people can use – we all know that’s not going to happen. Government no longer belongs to the people but to these corporations who have them inside their pockets.


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