On Pacquiao’s Victory

You’ve got to feel bad for the guy. He can’t have an off night. He won but his countrymen has already started calling him names. Even these so called boxing analyst (the loudest are Nathanielsz, who’s not even a Filipino and this frail nerd looking guy Tolentino who has never been punched in the mouth) are jumping on him like he just robbed a liquor store. Another commentator even called Pacquiao “paksiw” – this is how disrespectful and ignorant some of these people can be.

Don’t you love these know all Pinoys publicly criticizing Pacquiao for the way he won against the Mexican. The guy won (together with the Puerto Galera Underwater River being considered  a “world wonder” ) the only positive news lately – we should be happy and proud as Filipinos. But its just not good enough for these idiots.

Good news are rare and far in between these days in our land – lets give Pacman some credit here. His ring exploits has given us his countrymen something to cheer about. Pacquiao is a uniting force – politicians can only dream of having what this super athlete have.

I’m tired of hearing this defeatist nonsense from these retards who keep on complaining about Pacquiao. Leave the guy alone and do something useful for the nation. Stop bashing Pacquiao for winning.

What have these critics and all of these people who now belittles Pacquiao has done for the country, really?


Some people need to learn how to shut up and be a little considerate of what Pacquiao has done for his people.

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