Have we got a Constitutional Crisis or Not?

The news about the President and his justice secretary preventing a former president from leaving the country even with an order from the supreme court allowing them to travel is unsettling. Not that the former president GMA was a picture of honesty during her controversial two term presidency that she should be treated with more respect than what she’s getting now but because she’s not convicted of any criminal charges — and there’s no filed cases against her in any of our courts.

Former president or not, the constitution guarantees her freedom to travel and life. Risk of flight is high – but risk from what exactly? If Aquino has done more than showing off against GMA there should be cases filed in courts today. This would have made it impossible for the Arroyo’s to travel.

To make up for lost time, the government is facilitating cases against the Arroyo’s. I think they successfully filed one this morning.

Even Marcos allowed Ninoy (Pnoy’s daddy) to have his heart operation done in US when the procedure was already available here. This Watch List against the Arroyo’s is not about justice but power – the duck hunt is on for the young Aquino, his bringing along his guns!

Too bad for the Arroyo who wielded her power during her time like a tyrannical queen – she’s getting a doze of her own medication – “weather, weather lang yan” as the saying goes. You can’t help but pity the poor woman with that metallic brace around her body (ala silence of the lambs) who at one time played the role of persecutor to the Ping Lacson’s and Erap Estrada’s.

I think she plans to do a Lacson. Get out now and wait until a friendlier administration comes to power later on.

The supreme court being the highest interpreter of our laws must have the last say in matters of law. Critics of Arroyo claims that those justices (those who voted for the TRO) were her picks – but that’s just how it is – in a democracy you deal with an elected executive power making decisions like that – the idea is that the peoples mandate gives him such authority. The justices are political choices of presidents – Nonoy’s guys in SC, not surprisingly, didn’t vote for a restraining order.

So this turns into something political when it should not be but how can justices be expected not to favor the presidents that picked them for their posts?

But what Nonoy must not forget is that his executive orders are not laws.

The guy is becoming an elected dictator.

Trouble with politicians and the oligarchs is that they can’t stick with democracy, especially when it no longer favors them. So when Erap, who got the highest vote in any presidential election, started to appear like his losing control of his government (and his senses), his powerful enemies conspired to overthrew him. They cry that the impeachment (the legitimate lawful process to removed an elected president) is a failure. The politicians and the oligarchs tend to skip legitimate democratic practices when its convenient.

What’s new?

Pnoy is doing exactly what oligarchs (which he is a part of) and crook politicians are so used to doing. Thrash the constitution when it becomes an obstacle.

Sen. Joker Arroyo, who fought Marcos’ dictatorship has this to say, “the SC has put a stop, put a brake, on the totalitarian tendencies of this government. We already have a creeping martial law here that we don’t only notice”.

A “creeping martial law” courtesy of a man who got elected because of his parents love for democracy.


2 responses to “Have we got a Constitutional Crisis or Not?

  • De AnDA

    He’s no different from Arroyo now, who employed the same abusive powers against her political enemies.

  • Traveler on Foot

    While we’re in Intramuros, braving rains with the multitudes of people during the Cory Aquino funeral, a lola said to Noynoy “mahal na mahal po namin nanay ninyo kaya ako nandito.” Seeing that lola and the people who love Cory at that moment, we realized that Noynoy’s presidency has been sealed.

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