Dinner @ Hapchan Alabang

The team enjoying some Chinese chow

We had our little get together slash “despedida” last Friday at Hapchan. I was totally entertained by the funny stories. Takes my mind out of the “now”. It was a simple dinner and everybody had a great time and bloated guts!

This team will always have a “lugar especial en mi corazon”. Hired all of ’em – first time I was able to assemble my own team. What a great two years it has been!

At the dinner table, the conversations revolved around the funny stuff  and our exciting mad crazy office lives. Well, ok, maybe work is not really that exciting. Kind of depressing actually but these guys are just awesome to work with. You forget about the bad stuff. They bring in the light and sunshine every time!

Throughout my stint in the company I learned a great deal from my staff. All along I thought I was the teacher, little did I know that I was the student.

I’m sure they’ll be alright without their crazy boss around. It’s a bittersweet feeling to be leaving but my work is done, now, they have to create their own expeditions.

These guys have the potential to go very far. It’s all there for them to enjoy!

Plus ultra!

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