Manila Bay Sunset as Seen from a Reclaimed Land

The last time I was in SM MOA was about three years ago competing in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu meet and it was around December. During the competition, when the sun is about to go down the horizon, I would take time to look at it to relax my mind but I never really got to enjoy it since the activities of the day are way too demanding.

"How I'd like to see the sunset, coming down Manila bay, like the magic of the golden gate, down in San Francisco bay"- Ramon Jacinto in "Freedom in the Sun"

Right after the BJ Penn open workout I finally got some time to sit and watch the sunset from the breakwaters of this reclaimed area. There’s something about the bay’s sunset that fascinates people. Young and old gazed on it like a lost lover. A lot of them, like me, kept on taking snap shots until the sun completely slipped over the horizon.

The bay’s sunset is legendary and had been recorded in the annals of Filipino history as an occasion that is treasured not only by Manileños but all Filipinos and foreigners alike.

I was surprised to see several small fishing boats around the bay (madami pa din palang nangingisda dito). They’re probably from Cavite. Hearing the echoing sound of the motorized boats and seeing fishermen in action brought back memories of my time in Visayas.

I kinda miss seeing the simple provincial life. When you stay near the coast you regularly see fishermen going about their business. I find it so romantic and interesting. Maybe its not that bad if you own a boat and sell your catch. There’s some freedom in traditional livelihood we today associate with hardship and poverty.

My father introduced me to Manila Bay when I was around 4. Manila was very different then from the one we see today. When I was in high school I started imagining myself living in one of those high rise hotels that faces the bay. I picture myself having merienda watching the sunset in a veranda or something.

Near CCP is where my father usually swims. This is his form of exercise (he loves walking also) and he’s an excellent swimmer. Unfortunately, he failed to pass it down to me. I guess some people are just not meant to swim. The big rough stones pose a danger to us kids so Papa never goes far from us. I remember seeing some parts of the coast where there were some sandy shores and carinderias – today, almost the entire stretch are walled with concrete. Another sad development is that the bay is no longer safe to swim in.

Manila bay sunset is still beautiful – It will remain this way forever – but Manila the city is a totalmess. Well, it has been governed by bozos for some time. Traffic, housing and crime are getting worst. One day, a leader of Mayor Lacson’s determination and commitment will bring back the old Manila.


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