Strange Dream About an Old Filipino Town

I often forget my dreams when I wake up but the vivid ones I remember like film. I slept around 4am yesterday. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I tried just about everything (even started running and drinking choco milk!). Nothing seems to work. Maybe its the bed, the weather, the environment or maybe its my insomnia, back again. During these sleepless hours I read books I have with me. I probably drifted to sleep this morning because my eyes and mind were just so tired. We all have to sleep sometime they say. So after 21 hours of being awake I did and dreamt about traveling to some distant province:

“I was in a province I’ve never seen before. The houses were all bahay na bato but in perfect condition. They were splendid. They gave the passerby’s the impressions of overflowing wealth and power. I remember feeling happy and taking pictures. Then  I walked around the old town plaza. The sky was cloudless, the weather, breezy. The town must be close to the sea because the wind had a very eerie whistle to it. Out of nowhere, a man appeared and started talking to me. He then invited me to visit a place where I could commune with the spirits. I don’t know why I followed and trusted him. I was led to this area that I realized to be the side (if not the back) of the town’s century old church. The familiar gigantic buttresses that protects it from earthquakes and other natural disaster were prominently protruding at its side. Then he showed me what appears to be a cemetery. There were old lapidas and lit candles all over the place. There was this area that according to this man he receives messages from the dead. His instructions was for me to light a candle and pray (he taught me but I can;t remember what the prayer was). If successful, he said, a small ball of light would fall from the sky and speak to us. After following his instructions, a spark appeared just before my candle was about to run out. The light went straight to my eyes. It was an amazing experience, it was like seeing what heaven looks like, but the problem was I lost my left eye after witnessing this wonderful “light”. I don’t know what exactly happened but I remember looking at the mirror and seeing with horror my left eye gone! I sought for an explanation and this guy started consoling me with stories that I don’t understand. He then led me to a chamber where he said the dead are resting. He opened a small metal gate with an old rusty key and there I saw nothing but skulls and bones.”

I don’t know what this dream mean, but I do know its spiritual.

Or maybe not.


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