The Most Amazing Scene…

The local priest this morning brought the monstrance in the altar to promote the practice of Eucharistic adoration. Many Catholics, including me, are not familiar with its theological meaning. This priest is articulate and explains things in a very simple and straightforward way. But I’m not referring to him when I thought of the title for the blog, although priest that communicates this effective are a rarity,  I meant to share something that almost moved me to tears this morning (Ok, I did teared up a bit).

While explaining the early tradition and the relevance of the Eucharistic adoration in our lives as Catholics, the priest asked for a volunteer to demonstrate in front the proper way of showing respect when you’re in the presence of the Eucharist. The adults were all too shy and embarrassed to actually go up and join the priest in the altar. Grown ups are all too afraid to make mistakes – as if committing one is fatal (well, sometimes they are) – but there are those that are not afraid nor intimidated in committing one. People were hoping for that one brave soul come up to the altar…

The most amazing scene of all followed.

A little girl, wearing the cutest white dress I’ve ever seen. With a face so serene and glowing, stood up without hesitation, and walked straight to the altar! That was so amazing to see – a child, whose probably, what, 4 or 5 years of age, fearless, so confident.

The priest with great relish, exclaimed: “A child shall lead us!…”

There she knelt and bowed her head. The priest, who stood possibly stood four feet taller, followed the little girl.

God just sent everybody a message that very moment.

Reminds me of that story of Christ telling his disciples not to forbid the children that wanted to come to him. Reminding his apostles that, “the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children”.


Now I can understand those words better.

This picture has nothing to do with my churchly experience this morning. I took this one right after mass. This massive pond is located at the side of the church. I usually walk around here to, you know, relax the mind, and find my zen moments.

It’s rare that I talk about my personal faith here. I don’t want to impose my belief system to other people. I believe that everyone should look for what they want. If it makes you a better human being then stick and grow with it. Or, if you could improve yourself without the need to follow established religion, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ok, I’ll no longer bore you with these things.

Happy Sunday everyone.


2 responses to “The Most Amazing Scene…

  • Sey

    Hello po! Sa St. Peregrine po ba kayo nagsisimba. I found your blog by searching for the church. I love visiting St. Peregrine. It’s quiet and I can pray solemnly. And I first went there when was sick but now, I’m so okay.

    • De AnDA

      I consider it my local parish. I don’t get to visit often now but when I’m in town its one of the first places I go to.

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