Happy Easter

Queuing up for some after mass chow

There are perhaps dozens, if not hundred, ways we celebrate Easter (and observing lent) back home. Depends on what part of the country your family came from. Varying differences that set each apart. I wish I had observed them all when I had the time.

Here they have a festive atmosphere but everything is in order. Food and drinks are served by caterers in a huge white tent. No food stamp needed. You can join the celebration even if you’re not a Catholic. Not far from our table  I heard Tagalog being spoken. Sign that Filipino immigrants here has grown in numbers over the past decade. They were with their families, I assume that they’ve been in this former commonwealth for some time.

While it’s fun to be in a community where you can share and practice your faith, you still long for the way we celebrate these religious events back in our provincial hometowns. The one in Bantayan Islands I remember very well, and that of Guadalupe in Makati. Unfortunately, I haven’t studied these traditions closely. Someday I should and I’ll write about it here.

I can only imagine how lively and busy our churches are today.

Happy Easter.

8 April 2012


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