Images of Baler

After arriving from work today, I slouched on my bed then fell asleep without changing clothes. It was a long, tiring day – the kind that drives you crazy.

In my sleep, I dreamt about that trip I made in Baler last year. I’ve been away for months now and if there’s one thing that I really miss doing that is traveling around the country.

Back home, when I’m stressed out I would try to venture out to the provincial side during the weekends. Always works for me. Seeing the natural environment of our far flung provinces –  the seas, rice fields, mountains, traditions, food – I feel most alive – I get a high doing this. It is as if my soul feeds off from the energy that comes out from these wonderful creations.

I know that the dream that I just had was my homeland calming my soul. The Baler that I saw in my dream was what I saw last year. Peaceful, scenic, bucolic, almost isolated. So real it was that if I didn’t woke up from it I would have died thinking I was there in Baler. Life after all can be just layers of dreams.

I could remember, somewhere on my way to Baler while looking at the mountains, listening to Asin’s “Himig ng Pagibig”  having goosebumps and tearing up a little. I’ve seen some amazing things around but only in my native land that I feel this connection.

I have more to write about Germany including a recent venture to the hill town of Wilhelmsfeld where Rizal finished his Noli.

For now, I continue revisiting the memory of my past travels in My Filipinas.

You wake up seeing this…

Ermita hill gives you a wonderful vista of the coastal town

Panorama of Baler town

Crossing the calm river of Baler

May 2012


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