For all you classic Southern Rock fans…

Awesome documentary from the BBC about a bunch of amazing redneck bands that changed rock n’ roll forever. They made all America want to be rednecks!

Why the likes of Duane and Ronnie had to die young. Only God knows.

Who can ever forget that classic “Sweet Home Alabama” riff!

But by ’79, the year I was born, Capricorn Record, the company that carried most of these rock bands folded. Just as it started, it ended, and then came New Wave – ushering a decade of strange music and bad hairs.

Why was I born in the 80’s? Why not the 70’s. The 60’s. I’ve been robbed of witnessing greatness. Instead, I got flock of seagulls and Boy George. That’s just unfair.

“That my friend was it. The end of great music”, my brother, the biggest blues and classic rock fan ever, use to say. The 90’s were alright. But I’d trade it for the 60’s. In a heartbeat.

If its any consolation, their music is still alive. Now let me play Clapton’s “Layla” with Duane Allman playing the slide guitar solo at the end. After that, some “Redhouse” from ol’ Jimmy!

Oh Lord, that’s sweet!

Post dedicated to Mr. Bartblues. My dear brother who’s celebrating his birthday August 24.

For without you, I’m a lesser rock fan.


“Blues ain’t nothin’ but a good man feelin’ bad…” – Greg Allman


3 responses to “For all you classic Southern Rock fans…

  • Francis

    Hi! May I just comment. First we have somethings in common. I like the 60’s too. It’s my favorite decade in terms of music. I also like Lynyrd Skynyrd. However, I was born in 1970. New Wave is my teenage music. New Wave, despite being only secondary to my childhood music which is the 60’s and 70’s, comprises majority of my cds. Eighties New Wave despite the bad hairs and excessive productions associated with it,is actually one of the greatest era in the last 60 years of modern music history . There are so many 80’s band ,albums, and songs aside from those mainstream acts you mentioned that are awesome. There are also hundreds of 80’s New wave bands that are awesome but unheard here because they never received any air time. All I can say is that 80’s is really very deep in terms of great music… The thing is you were born in 1979, then it is 90’s alternative music that is your teenage music. Many says that your teenage music most sticks to you the most but you like 60’s and 70’s just the same. If you were born in 1970, chances are New Wave will be you favorite era…Anyway, those great bands may no longer be around and many are already dead but what is important is the music they left behind.
    “Music has a singular and profound power to cross all boundaries – including time” -David Wild

    • De AnDA

      @francis – I grew up hearing vintage rock and new wave. It’s crazy because two of my brothers were into new wave but I allied musically with the bluesy classic rocker one. 80’s and 90’s would be my generations music. I really don’t like new wave man, sorry, it just doesn’t get me. Maybe its the make up and those strange hairs, I don;t know. But yeah, there were some quite exceptional musician in that group for sure. 90’s, well, I kinda played in a banda banda during that time, so I listened to a lotta nirvana, metallica, gnr and the local bands, I enjoyed that but after some time that passed and I just gravitated back to listening to led zep, stones, floyd, you know the drill son! 🙂

  • Amadeus

    ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Sweet Home Alabama ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
    – Singing rock from Austiria!

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