Last Minutes with Oden

This documentary about a dying dog and his owners difficult decision to put him down reminded me of all the beautiful dogs I had since I was a kid. I never euthanize a furry friend, that must be tough.

One of the most emotional short documentary I’ve ever seen.

And yes, I did cry like a kid.

I’m not a social person. Not that many friends, so dogs are some of the best companions I’ve ever had in my life. More than 20 years since I started having them and I can still name them all.

When I see a dog, I see a spiritual creation. I mean these creatures are connected to us by some spiritual link. I had dogs that can read my emotions and react to them like a real person. Whines when I’m sad, jump around and wag its tail when I’m in good spirits.  A gold fish can’t do that.

This is just an awesome film. If this didn’t touch you, man, you’re cold.

“God gave them some job… to take care of people”. – Jason Oden, “Last Minutes with Oden”

I miss my dogs back home. Tamtam and Blackdog.


2 responses to “Last Minutes with Oden

  • Levi

    Thank you for sharing brotha! We had same exact event as this with our family dog back then, Limbo. Had to euthanize him due to severe injury he sustained because of an accident. Showed it to my family and we went back to that same feeling of pain as Jason’s. Oh what a beautiful docu!

    Made me see more how lovely these creatures are. Hugs and kisses to my beautiful black lab “Beyonce”.

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