Azkals Victory, 20 Years in the Making…

What a great day for Philippine football. After more than 20 years of getting beat up by Singapore on the pitch, they finally defeated the regions powerhouse!


“It was a very satisfying performance from the team. We dominated the game,” said the PH team’s German coach.

History has been made. And this 2-0 victory would likely be remembered as one of the most satisfying win ever. It was a perfect game for the Azkals.

Fans has been hoping for a descent national football team for years. What we have today is more than descent. This team is very good.

I never had the chance to watch the team back in our country so this friendly against Singapore was a great thing not only for me but for the fans based here. There was a small but very loud Filipino crowd tonight.

Three guys that really made the difference: Schrock who defended extremely well and made some awesome passes. Phil, for leading the team and providing the second goal that pretty much broke the spirit of the Lions and Of course, Chieffy, who scored early in the game.

That Shrock is some kind of a player. He’s not only a quick defensive player, he’s also a cerebral footballer. He reads the game perfectly well. He never tires, he’s a freakin’ machine. A solid all around player. I remember him giving the country its only goal against Kuwait last year. This guy is one tough you know what!

If the country’s football heads play it right, this team could become at least the South East Asia region champions. I think we’re headed that way. This momentum is on the move and hopefully, and this is more important, that what these guys has achieved in such a short period will inspire the next generations of Filipino footballers.

Now, here’s hoping not to wait for decades just to witness another W against top Asian teams!

8 September 2012


2 responses to “Azkals Victory, 20 Years in the Making…

  • josemikel

    Around 1912, Joan Gamper, founder of FC Barcelona, signed a 15 year old, 5 foot 7 inches player named Paulino Alcantara up for the club. He is the highest goal scorer in the history of FC Barcelona. He made 357 goals out of a total of 357 games- one goal per match ratio which is unprecedented and is until today unsurpassed. On April 30, 1922, He played for Spain against France, where he became known as ‘El Romperedes’ or ‘The Net Breaker’. This was because he kicked a ball from 30 yards not only to land a goal but passed and broke through the net of the goal. This made Alcantara a legendary hero among the youth.

    For the benefit of those who still do not know, the international legendary football hero Paulino Alcantara, comes from a nation where football during his time was the sport- Filipinas. He comes from a province where football has always been the sport- Iloilo. Therefore, football runs in our blood as, filipinos. We are only recovering our inheritance.

    • De AnDA

      Long before the Japanese and Koreans started sending their players to Europe, there’s Paulino Alcantara of Iloilo. Thanks for the additional info man.

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