ALTAS Hoops…

Before embarking on my Ilocandia tour I managed to squeezed in watching some good ol’ college hoops. The last time I saw a live game was two years ago. I’ve always been and remained a huge supporter of my college team (even after being cut a couple of times) I continue to dream that one day it wins that ever elusive crown.

I was surprised to see African imports, not only from my team’s side, but from just about everybody. Recruiters somehow found another loophole in the system. And since all teams are trying to take advantage of whatever avenues possible to get ahead, we now have what in the professional league are called “imports”.

When you’re an aspiring hoop player trying to make it then you compete against the strongest guys, some of them heavily recruited from the provinces, you know you’re in for a tough ride. I could just imagine what tryouts are like these days when you have these foreign players being recruited upfront. College hoops has changed and I think foreigners makes it more competitive – the only draw back is that we might overlook some of our local talents.

Del Rosario, now commands the ALTAS bench. He’s the guy that led UST’s four feat in the 90’s. He’s made good progress. The team is a win away from making it again to final four – I’ll be watching.

The other Alma Mater, and perennial contender, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, continue to be successful. They always have a good basketball program. These guys are consistent. Which is good, because for the past few years when Perpetual fails to make it (and this is most of the more than 10 years I’ve been supporting them) at least I still have a team to cheer for.

The Tamayo’s, who owns the school, are perhaps the vainest school owners I’ve ever known. They like naming things after them. ALTAS doesn’t mean anything that evokes competitive spirit – its not a fierce animal or a cunning bird – it’s the initials of the school owner. When I entered the then college, I thought ALTA refers to the schools goal — turns out that it’s not Spanish nor it means anything but the name of the owner.

I was checking the school website last week and found out that it’s now officially known as the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – and the DALTA of course is another family member. There’s JONELTA, which I’m certain is a relative also, must be the old Tamayo. A few years from now, I’ll visit the schools website and for sure find out a new name addition.

Perpetual Help College of Rizal sounds a lot better.

September 2012


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