Jordan at the United Center

There’s probably no greater athelete to us Filipinos than Jordan. Everybody know who the guy is. He made millions from us buying his line of products. To this day I see Filipinos line up to buy Jordan shoes. Could you just imagine these things still sells, Jordan has been out of the game for years now!


I hated the bulls during his days because they’re winning everything. He defeated everyone. The Bulls rise was the end of LA’s showtime. I’m a hardcore Laker fan (been one since I was a kid) but I would watch the Bulls on TV just to see what Jordan will pull off. You know he’ll take the winning shot and the best defensive player can’t do anything to stop it.

Its fitting that a huge hoop fan like me pay my respects and see the United Center where a monument was built to honor this great athlete. His playing years are engraved at the base of the statue. Its a great looking piece of art visited by tourist all over the world. But I noticed that it does not have the signature tongue sticking out. To this I wonder why.


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