Notes from America

I did not know that Japan would require a transit visa for a stand by ticket so I had to fly back to Chicago this afternoon. I came all the way from Illinois to Minnesota to hear this unfortunate update. I guess our reputation renders our passport with little value. No wonder so many Filipinod are ready to replace theirs with first world passports. Who can blame them really.

But its not all bad news. Aside from
seeing the lake laden state of Minnesota, I get to fly in an MD 88, the last MD 80’s operated by Delta. I love hearing and feeling every single thrust from its two rear engines. These slender smooth flying machines are a lil’ over 20 years in operation. Not bad since there are still DC 3’s, their ancestors, flying today.


It was a great day to be flying over mid west America. There’s little snow over Minneapolis, none in Chicago. I had a great view of the windy city on the descent (that partially went over the Chicago portion of Lake Michigan) to O’Hare. A tiring day but a good one none the less.

I’m having trouble posting pictures as I’m using a mobile with a wordpress app. The pictures I can use are the ones taken with the mobile.

Result: tons of backlog blogs.

I hope to be back in Asia soon but if not and I get trapped here in the US for the holidays, I plan to spend some more days, but this time in the pan handle state with immediate relatives. I just hope they remember this kid because I haven’t seen them for ages!

November 2012


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