Seeing Wrigley Field

Although not a basefull fan, I instantly recognized Wrigley’s when we passed by Addison earlier this week. I wanted to go down from the vehicle but it was raining. With temperatures well below freezing getting wet isn’t a good idea not unless you wanted to become a popsicle.


This baseball park was named after the bubble gum business man who created juicy fruit in the early 1900’s. Aside from this and the parks role in the movie Blues Brothers (where they listed the Chicago Cub’s home as their address), I know nothing more of this storied century old baseball park.

I thought it strange that Filipinos never liked what Americans refers to as their favorite past time. Considering we absorbed everything America fed us during their time in our country. I guess we don’t have the patience to sit and watch the long innings. We get easily bored. We like our sports fast phased. This perhaps explains why we prefer boxing and basketball. We would’ve enjoyed American football too but we’re way too small for it and the tropics is no place to be wearing those thickhelmets and tight uniforms!


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