Buffalo Grove’s Church of St. Mary

I’ve visited three Catholic churches around since I landed here in Chicago. The first was in Oak Brook where we attended a baptismal early this month, then there’s St. Edna and a couple of kilometers away east is St. Mary in Buffalo Grove. In good weather you can walk all the way to this church. But walking long distance here can be a bit of a challenge unlike in downtown where trains and buses are available. I think these places were designed to be traveled by vehicles and not on foot.

St. Mary has a fine gothic style that represents the origin of the immigrants that helped built it. Its well maintained and has a school and a rectory right beside it. The area was where German setllers built their farms and homes way back in the 19th century. With them they brought their religion and way of life.


The architecture and how they expanded the church in the 1900’s was wonderfully done. Because of the expansion, the church technically now have two altars. First time I’ve ever seen one. The old altar sits in the middle while the new new one, the area that was added with all the long wooden benches is in its back. They took extra efforts to ensure that they retain the old character of the building while trying to accomodate the growing community of church goers.


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