Moving to a Kindle

I’ve always thought that books will one day be gone replaced by more powerful digital mediums. Well, we haven’t reached that point yet but I think we’re just a few decades away from it.

I recently bought a Kindle at Staples, the cheapest priced at 80 dollars, and was amazed at how it works. It’s like a physical book minus the weight and bulk. You could literally carry thousands of books with you. The best part is that its so light and thin, heck, my mobile is heavier than this kindle.


The technology they put into this thing is unbelievable. They call it e-ink, it gives you no eye strain and feels like you’re looking at the actual pages of a real book. The technology is so good that when there’s no source of light, you can’t read it. Its real ink and book pages made digital. Amazon have other models and are now moving into making tablets comparable to iPad but I’m just after their ereader version because I’ve been traveling lately and I can’t imagine going without books to read.

I started building my Filipiniana section and other books of interest almost after my purchase. I’ve already downloaded, for free, classics like the Noli, Mabini’s True Decalogue and Sucesos of Morga. Other old titles are available for mega low prices, some for just a buck! More and more Filipiniana titles are being converted to the ereader format, the latest ones are almost all available for purchase and download.

The best part is that if you lose your kindle, you can just buy a new one and reload your library from the free cloud service Amazon provides.

Another good thing is that ebooks are cheaper than the physical books. I’ve heard of Kindle before but never paid attention because I’ve always felt that there’s no way it can match the real feel of books no matter how good the technology is. Well, I’m wrong. The truth is that, like the internet, kindle and other ereaders would one day change the way we read books.

US, November 2012

4 responses to “Moving to a Kindle

  • Jean Marco

    Is there any issue when I buy kindle here in Pinas?

  • rodel soriano

    Nice pards! Ilan days ka dyan? Pabili ng kindle. If always wanted to buy one but its so expensive here. At megamall they’rd selling the old version for around 15k. With that pricetag I’ll just buy a tablet. Let me know if you can buy me one, pay you pag balik mo. 🙂
    – rodel soriano

    • De AnDA

      You sure its a kindle reader? That must be a kindle fire which is already a tablet. You can always use and its even cheaper there less than 80USD, even if you add the shipping cost (for Phil) which should be around 8USD + that’s still a hell lotta cheaper than 15K. Not sure when I’ll be back bro., that’s still up in the air 🙂

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