Cold and Short Days…

While preparing coffee this morning I pulled the curtains to the side to see what’s outside. It doesn’t look good. I checked the temp, its -2 and visibility is good for only a few yards. In the news, several flights had been cancelled. Times like this makes me think about our tropical motherland and our endless complains about how hot the weather is down there.

During this time of the year, day time is shorter. There’s no more sun around 4pm. When there’s no sun temperature drops significantly. People here are glued to weather forecast. When there are days that are warmer, people get excited. According to them snows usually appear around this time but everybody’s happy so far because aside from flurries, there has been no significant snow fall just yet.

November 2012


One response to “Cold and Short Days…

  • cessology

    The first time I saw a snow, I was VERY excited. I was so giddy with happiness I took a photo that I can’t show to anyone else. Why? I have this silly, smug smile on my face. After that first time, I have been hoping for a longer summer because I miss the warmth of clear days. Ayoko na ng snow. 🙂

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