Stained Glass Art at the Navy Pier

Stained glasses are wonderful art creations. They’re great religious pieces that has long fascinated me. I remember being excited as a child whenever I’m told that we’re going to San Sebastian in Quiapo. I know I’ll see not only the impressive steel Gothic church but also those holy scenes depicted on stained glasses.

In Navy Pier, here in downtown Chicago, I stumbled upon this unique collection of stained glasses art. The place is the first museum of its kind in North America — the Smith Museum of Stained Glasses. The art works in display showcases the city’s tradition in creating stained glasses.

Sadly, Catholic churches has gradually lessen its demand for stained glasses over the years. The churches around the world are now embracing modern architectural concepts which do away with this great art form.

While I was in the museum I was hoping to encounter a piece that came from one of our churches but I found none. Did the artists that created these amazing art works also made some for us in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s?

Entrance to this museum is gratis.

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