Flying back…

We’ll be packing our bags and leaving first thing in the morning. This being the last night, we went to Mass to say our thanks.

I should plan the next trip better. See more people, more places. Relatives are scattered all over the US and it’s just impossible to see each branch. These guys are everywhere. They got America covered alright.

Into the woods

Next visit would be Florida. This, I promised my brother. It’s not easy for these people to spend frequent vacations to P.I., so I think I’ll do them a favor by going to them (whether they like it or not). Aside from the cost and distance, the impracticality and the hassle of leaving home, family and work plays a big factor.

Life in America is not like what it was once. But it’s not that bad. They’re still better off than most countries. The problem is that this reality is seldom appreciated by Americans. It’s ironic that those who just recently came to America are the only ones that fully appreciates America’s freedom and opportunities.

Early in life, I had that chance to try it out here. But I was too young to even think about the future. In retrospect, I’m happy that I never went because I got to spend more time with my parents by dodging that luring prospect of life in the US.

What strikes me is how pessimistic America is today. Media, politicians even the common man in the streets continuously voice out negative outlooks about the future. They sound more like us Filipinos these days. The only good news I heard so far is that the snow hasn’t come yet – the rest are forecast of gloom and doom.

Ideas and innovation are still coming from America, only difference, today, the final product is made elsewhere. My point is that America could still come back – it still produces the technology that drives our world forward. If they start minding their business at home and not meddle too much on other peoples backyard, their economy would be in a better shape.

But let’s all leave this to them.

So as I leave America behind, a return trip is already on the drawing board.

December 2012

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