Touch Down Hong Kong


I’ve been wanting to see the historical places here where Filipino patriots spent time during their exile. I have no plans other than seeing these places. Well, maybe eat in a fancy resto, dine in class and sip some high grade wine – but that’sa a dream. That’s not going to happen. Budget is not that deep. I’m going to have to settle with the hawker stalls for sure.

This Chinese territory is unbelievably crowded but they have great infrastructure and for a place this populated, they’re not that polluted.

I kept seeing the classic anime movie “Ghost in the Shell” in my head when I started walking around the busy streets of Hong Kong. The neon billboards, the imposing skyscrapers, high rise homes on hillsides, the busy airport and their coastal seas where huge freight ships pass with regularity. The place is alive and buzzing.

Unlike Singapore, they don’t talk a lot of English here. But hey, there’s a Filipino in every corner. So worry not about getting lost – these people will help you not to get lost.

It’s fascinating that like in the past, the island remains very popular to us Filipinos.

Pimped trams!

Buildings and neon billboards. Fun.

The longest covered path walk in the world complete with escalators. Wait, isn’t that Barbara Walters?

I have this uneasy feeling walking under these billboards. For sure someone already died from these things falling.

Hong Kong’s a great place – they have Disney Land and Jacky Chan (and Bruce Lee but he’s no longer around). If that’s not cool then I don’t know what is. Jacky Chan, that’s the man right there. He should be president of Hong Kong.

By the way, San Miguel beer is big here. Maybe the patriots brought it here in the 1800’s?

They require no visa and the island’s just a two hour plane ride from Manila. The cheapest, easiest foreign land we could get our ass on and the best part is that we have a great history here.

An R&R in HK is perfect for those Pinoys wanting to temporarily get away from the danger of getting shot by those murderous riding in tandem motorists.

More later…


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