“The Zeppethon is when you sit your ass down and listen to all nine Zep albums in a row”, said Jack Black during the Kennedy Center Honors for Led Zep.

I personally, haven’t tried it. But I’m planning to this weekend. For sure an activity that won’t put your in mind in peace and quite. But you get to hear some of the best rock jams ever known to man!

Led Zep my friend are rock gods!

Seeing the remaining members perform in ’07, and in ’95 in the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame was just a great thing to witness. Nothing like it. I can only dream that I was there physically — but I’m just as glad that I’m still in this world to witness that magic. I was one year old when they broke up in 1980 after the death of Bonham.

The comedian, Black, a long time fan said in his closing, “Come on guys, you know you did! There’s no other way to explain your ungodly talent. I just want to say thank you because while you’re in Hell, the human race will cherish your Heavenly jams until the end of time. It’s a small price to pay. We love you. The best band ever.”

During the days when CD’s are collected (yes there was such a time) my brother bought with his hard earned money from cleaning tables the set of Led Zep’s box compilation. We had a portable discman hooked to an old school Pioneer component my father bought in Saudi back in the 80’s. This is where we would blasts everything back then. But you can’t play it too loud because the vibration makes the discman skip. Not the best equipment but we played that thing for years until we saved up some money to buy a mini component that can be loaded with several CD’s at one time.

During the event, several artists played songs as tribute to Led Zep. Kid Rock, Foo Fighter, Lenny Kravitz and Heart. “Stairway” was performed by that awesome duo, Heart, with Bonzo’s son Jason on drums. That lady from Heart sure can sing. Seeing the reaction from Robert, Jimmy and John was my favorite moment of the night. The performers got plenty of nods from the rock legends. Robert at some point during the song “Stairway” was clearly moved to tears. The memories of the days of thunder must’ve overwhelmed the blues singing man from London. All three of them looked great. No more “thanks my friends for remembering my phone number” this time, only whollottalovin’…

What a night for Led Zep fans around the world and the underworld.

The other special awardee, not to be missed of course, was Buddy Guy. How can one even begin to thank a man who inspired the rockers we know now as legends.

Beck, Clapton, Santana, SRV the list goes on…

This guy IS a legend. Together with BB King, the Blues’ last of the Mohicans.

Guy was one of those rare aggressive blues guitarist that came out of the Chicago blues scene. A step away from the laid back style usually associated with blues. SRV said it best, “without a Buddy Guy, there’s no Stevie Ray Vaughn”. In short, no rockin’ blues!

To talk about the rock music of the 60’s and 70’s an not mention how blues inspired it is a crime. The Bitoys (the jeproks’ colloq for those rockin’ British)
figured how awesome the Black man’s Blues music was. America wasn’t paying attention then — the Brits made ’em.

There was no British invasion. It was music imported by Brits, with creativity and great artistry, they just sold it back to Americans. And blues legends like Guy is appreciative of what these UK guys did because they gave America a good lesson in music. Young people started tracing musical roots and found American Blues.

That’s the power of Blues.


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