The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition

I was watching HISTORY channels “The Spanish Inquisition” last night and had trouble going to sleep. Those dungeons and interrogations were scary as hell. While the images of the Spanish Inquisition made me cringe and curse, I forgot that most of these does not have historical basis.

Believe it or not, scientific research about the Inquisition only begun in the 90’s. For something that has been long accepted as historical truth, I find this hard to believe.

In the 90’s I saw this great documentary on cable (BBC, of all media!). I can’t remember the exact title but I typed “Inquisition Documentary” in YOUTUBE. And Boom. I found it!

(Makes me think if we’re really on the final stages of McKenna’s “Timewave Zero”!)

The BBC documentary uncovers the myths and legends about the Spanish Inquisition. It tackled the spread of the propaganda against the Spanish monarchs and the Catholic Church in Spain and the reason behind it.

The leyenda negra was so effective that to this day, people would identify torture chambers with the Inquisition.

Oddly, the Inquisitors saw witchcraft as some kind of a delusion, not to be punished by any means, while the rest of Europe burned these people at the stakes.

All along I thought the Iron Maiden was real. Damn it!


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