The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Here, you’ll see how elitists, corporations, the media and the US can manipulate political events and completely undermine a legitimate government.

But as the documentary, shot by foreign journalists, would show, the Venezuelan people knew what was happening. They went to the streets and demanded their president and their freedom back.

It’s amazing how a small group of rich people can just take over a government elected by the people. These elitist, who controls the media, would do anything to sell their lies. While their US counterparts would amplify their lies and narratives on the world stage.

An example is how all around the world, Chavez is tagged as a dictator, when the truth is that he’s been duly elected by his people. To be honest, I thought he was a dictator until I read an article in 2007 about his reelection for his 3rd term.

Moral of the story is just stay away from mainstream media – they’re all lies. They’re the tool the elitists and globalists use to control public opinion. If you’re smart I;m sure you’ve already figured that out.

When you’re confronted with an issue, do yourself a favor and try to gather as much data on the subject as possible. Then you decide. Your opinion must be yours and must come from your heart and not just some TV channel.

But I must say, how these people operate, how they can twist facts and present them as truths, is just fascinating.

While they failed in Venezuela, you could just imagine the successes these kind of greedy partnerships has had in the world.


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