Creative Heritage Project

Now, I’ve seen Mcdonalds’ first concept store in the US but this easily tops that. This building is even older than McDonalds.

A Mcdonald’s restaurant operating inside a colonial era mansion in Bugis. That’s a great concept. A meeting between US pop culture and 18th century colonial Asia.

Now that’s a Mcdonalds.

I’m dreaming that we Filipinos would one day share this enthusiasm over heritage buildings. Heritage links us to our beautiful history and gives us a sense of identity. Something that is clearly missing in our materialistic society today.

We’ve become a people in a constant state of forgetfulness.

We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve what’s left of our past. They deserve to be reminded.

We have these fine examples of modern conservation. Singapore appears to get it. Here old shops and homes are put up to use. Why not embrace this kind of approach? After all, money can only last so long, history, now that’s forever.

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